Workbook Excel basic course

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Global Excel Basic Course Content

    Calculating a formula in Excel  
    Basic components of the Screen and Ribbon  
    Cell properties such as dates, currency, or phone numbers  
    Printing on 1 page, alignment print determination  
    Making column, row fit and Fill Handle (automatic fill)  
    Sorting and filtering an address file to create schedules  
    Dealing with text in Excel, Text Box and text formatting  
    Formatting borders and lines with the button and with Cell Properties  
    Entering formulas (embedding)  
    Creating various formulas  
    Calculating data in multiple tabs in one cell  
    Absolute and relative cell references in various formulas  
    SUM function – summing various ranges and cells at once  
    Statistical functions – extracting MIN, MAX, or AVERAGE from a table  
    Logical functions – IF; then – true; false – yes; no  
    Financial functions – calculating monthly payments and repayment  
    Creating and formatting charts – Pie chart and bar charts  
    Validating in 3 ways – creating dropdown menus and custom lists  
    Subtotals with NUMBER FUNCTION  
    Securing and hiding – Blocking and hiding cells and formulas  
    Exams assignments
    Workbook Excel basic course