Workbook basic Excel combi advanced (English)

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Table of Contents: Excel combi advanced

Calculating in Excel; creating a formula
Basic components of the Ribbon and Screen
Attribute properties such as: dates, currency or phone numbers
Printing on 1 page, alignment print setting
Adjust column, row and Fill handle (auto fill)
Sorting and filtering an address file to create schedules
Managing text in Excel
Insert and format text, WordArt, shapes, etc. using Tools
Formatting of edges and lines with the button and with Cell Properties
The 10 Benefits of Working with a Table
Enter formulas (grinding in)
Copying or applying formulas.
Formulas across multiple tabs
Create a financial functions cash book
Absolute and relative cell references in various formulas
Function Sum
Statistical functions
Logical IF functions
Logical IF functions nested
Financial functions
Inserting and formatting charts
Protect workbook, block cells, and hide.
Creating validation lists in 4 ways
Blocking titles in a database
Function VLOOKUP
Creating and organizing pivot tables

Workbook basic Excel combi advanced (English)